Krimpverbinders TE Connectivity Raychem

Characteristics Raychem splices and connectors

  • Soldered connections

  • Electrical insulation

  • Secures cores in place

  • Resistance to moisture and wear

  • Strain relief

Cable splices TE Connectivity Raychem

Solder and crimp technology ensure high-quality electrical and mechanical performance, time after time. DuraSeals and SolderSleeves combine the technology of heat shrink tubing with glue and soldering in a single operation. Heating leads to a faster and reproducible insulated (solder) connection. When the crimp contact is heated, the solder mold shrinks and melts around a fully insulated, strain-relieving, shielded (solder) connection. Knowledge & Advice

Knowledge & Advice

With more than 25 years of experience, you can expect sound advice from us for every conceivable application. From the most common butt splices to highly specialized applications, we can always find a suitable solution together with you.

Customer specific deliveries

Idétrading is fully equipped for the packaging of shrink connectors, solder connectors and connectors to blister packs. The end products find their way to electrical wholesalers. We think and cooperate in the delivery process, which is fully geared to the logistical wishes of the customer. This makes us a very efficient link and partner where reliability, availability and competitiveness is key to us.

Product categories cable splices TE Connectivity Raychem

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Wire to wire cable splices

Raychem delivery program for splicing cable, from repairs to cable terminations.


Raychem shrinkable terminals

Shrinkable insulated terminations and end seals


SolderSleeve shrinkable wire terminations

Offers a simple one step solution for wire splices with pins, poles, lips and mass-wire termination


SolderSleeve coaxial splices

Transparent soldersleeves from polyvinylidene fluoride or polyolefin that offer encapsulation and ability to inspect


Wire connectors

Extensive delivery program of products to splice solid or braided wire


Raychem solder connectors

SolderSleeve soldering sleeves offer a tight, insulated and encapsulated solder connection


Raychem SolderTacts shrink contacts

One piece contacts with integrated solder offers a reliable connectin for round and rectangular connectors

Triax connectoren TE Connectivity Raychem

Triax connectors

Raychem D-621 and DK-621 triax connectors designed for MIL-STD-1553B data bus applications

FAQ cable splices:

  • What are cable splices and what are they used for?
    cable splices, also known as heat shrink terminals or heat shrink splices, are electrical connection components used to securely and effectively join wires and cables together. They are widely used in electrical and electronic applications, such as wiring in automobiles, household appliances, industrial machinery, and electrical panels.
  • How do heat cable splices work and what is the shrinking process?
    cable splices consist of a metal tube on one end and a heat shrink sleeve on the other. The shrinking process involves placing the wires into the tube, applying pressure to securely clamp the wires, and then applying heat to shrink the sleeve tightly around the connection. This ensures a secure and reliable electrical connection.
  • What are the different types of cable splices available?
    There are various types of cable splices available, such as heat shrink butt connectors, heat shrink vinyl connectors, heat shrink ring terminals, and heat shrink spade connectors. Each type of heat shrink connector has a specific design and application, such as wire-to-wire connections, wire-to-terminal connections, or wire-to-component connections.
  • How do you choose the right size cable splices for a specific wire or cable diameter?
    When selecting the appropriate size cable splices, you need to consider the diameter of the wire or cable that needs to be connected. It is important to choose the right size to ensure a secure and snug fit.
  • Are there special cable splices for different applications, such as waterproof or high-voltage connections?
    Yes, there are special cable splices available for different applications. There are waterproof heat shrink connectors designed to provide protection against moisture and water ingress, and there are also high-voltage heat shrink connectors suitable for high-voltage applications.
  • What tools are needed for installing cable splices?
    Installing cable splices requires a few tools, including a crimping tool or heat shrink connector crimping tool, a wire stripper tool to prepare the wires, and a heat source, such as a heat gun, to shrink the heat shrink sleeve.

“Leading from wire to wire”

TE Connectivity wire and cable connection and termination products offer innovative designs and are manufactured from high strength materials to provide reliability and long life performance.

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Our markets

The applicability of terminal and splices and the advantages it offers can be used in almost every market, an overview:



Bouw en infrastructuur

Construction & infrastructure

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Defence & Military Mobility

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Electrical & Installation Technology

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Energy & Utility

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Industrial machines



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Oil & Gas

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Truck, Bus & Offroad vehicles


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