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Data Connectivity Connectors
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HSIO QSFP Connectors
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RF Coax Micro-Miniature Connectors
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All industrial connectors

A connector is a coupling device that connects electrical terminals to create a electrical circuit. Connectors allow contact between cables, wire, printed circuit boards and electronic components. TE Connectivity designs and produces all types of industrial connectors that are designed to reliably transmit data, power and signal in the most demanding environmts, under the most extreme use.

All types of industrial connectors, including PCB-connectors and wire connectors, are manufactured to reduce application size and power consumpton. The TE Connectivity portfolio includes connectors that are able to be applied wide scale from 0 to 4.1899. Our audio and visual connectors offer improved card retention and EMI shielding. The automotive connectors are built for rugged environments, to withstand the harsh conditions from highway to off-road. The card edge connectors and sockets support the current SDRAM- and DDR memory  generations. Our LUMAWISE LED-holders offer a snap-in LED retention function, eliminating soldering; it makes use of plug-in wire connections to allow for termination solid, fused and stranded wire without tooling. In our portfolio, of different types of electrical connectors, we offer rugged solutions to improve connectivity in critical technology systems.

249,670 types of connectors
of A-quality only

Connectors in our delivery overview:

  • Automotive Connectors

  • Circular Connectors

  • Coax Connectors

  • Connector Backshells & Adapters

  • D-Sub Connectors

  • Optic fiber connectors

  • I/O Connectors

  • PCB Connectors

  • M8 / M12 Connectors

  • MIL Spec Connectors

  • Modular Jack & Plugs

  • Rectangular Connectors

  • Power Connectors

  • Safety Connectors

Product categories connectors

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DEUTSCH connectoren TE Connectoren

Automotive connectors

high quality electrical and electronic products for connecting wires and cable, printed circuit boards, integrated circuit packages and batteries.

Circulaire connectoren TE Connectivity

Circular connectors

cylindrical, multi-pole electrical connectors that power electrical devices, transmit data or electrical signals.

Coax connectoren TE Connectivity

Coax connectors

coaxial cable connectors manufacturerd for rugged, intensive and extreme environments.

Backshell connectoren TE Connectivity

Connector backshells and adapters

backshell and adapters are designed to help resist corrosion and fit a wide variety of circular connectors.

D-sub connectoren TE Connectivity

D-Sub connectors

D-sub miniature connectors ranging from right angle and vertical PCB connectors to AMPLITE .050-serie D-SUB connectors.

Glasvezel connectoren TE Connectivity

Fiber-Optic connectors

Fiber optic connectors from TE are suitable for 10G Ethernet – with the capability to handle 40G and 100G.

IO connectoren TE Connectivity

I/O connectors

To speed up data transfer between devices. Designed for speed, density, flexibility,efficiency and standardization.

M8-M12 ethernet connectoren TE Connectivit

M8/M12 ethernet connectors

wide range of straight, angled, LED and multi-position connectors, card connectors installable on field.

Mil-Spec connectoren

Mil-Spec connectors

D38999 – M39029 – VG-95238 – a.o.

Modulaire jack connectoren en pluggen TE Connectivity

Modular jack connectors and plugs

RJ45, RJ11, MRJ21 connectors designed to make a safe and reliable input/output connection.

PCB connectoren TE Connectivity

PCB connectors

high quality right angle, co-planaire and mezzianine-interconnects, used to link printed circuit boards.

Rectangular connectoren TE Connectivity

Rectangular connectors

various classifications and sizes, with or without locking features.

Stroomconnectoren TE Connectivity

Power connectors

designed to reliabliy connect power and provide efficient power and distribution for communcations equipment.

Verlichtingsconnectoren TE Connectivity

Lighting connectors

designed to connect lighting systems reliabliy, and seamlesly intergrate lighting controls, power transmision and data.

FAQ connectors

  • What is the function of connectors in electronic devices?
    Connectors are used to establish connections between electronic devices and components. They facilitate the transfer of signals, power, or data between different parts of the device or between different devices.
  • What is the difference between a male and a female connector
    A male connector typically has pins or plugs that fit into the holes or slots of a female connector. A female connector, on the other hand, usually has holes or slots designed to receive the pins or plugs of a male connector. This design ensures a secure and accurate connection between the connectors.
  • How do you select the right connector for a specific application?
    When selecting a connector for a specific application, several factors should be considered. These include the type of signal (analog or digital), the current rating, the environmental conditions (such as temperature and humidity), and the requirements for reliability and durability. It is also important to check for compatibility with the devices or systems you intend to connect.
  • What are the key specifications to consider when choosing a connector?
    Some key specifications to consider when choosing a connector include electrical specifications (such as voltage, current rating, and impedance), physical dimensions and form factor, durability and reliability (e.g., the number of mating cycles the connector can withstand), and the environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity, and vibration) under which the connector needs to operate.
  • How can you identify and solve a poor connection with a connector?
    A poor connection with a connector can result in signal loss, interference, or unreliable device operation. Some signs of a poor connection include intermittent signals, noise, interruptions, or physical looseness of the connector. To solve the problem, you can try reseating the connector, ensuring that all pins are properly aligned and securely inserted, and optionally cleaning the connector.

Manufacturer brand connectors

At Idétrading Electronics, you’re at the right place for the supply in all kinds of connectors. As official distributor for TE Connectivity, we’re able to offer brands such as AMP, DEUTSCH, Intercontec, Polamco, Seacon and Solarlok. All these brands have a specific application, and can be used in various markets. Apart from TE Connectivity, we also work closely together with Amphenol, ITT Cannon and Glenair, which are specialised in connectors for military applications.

Knowledge & Advice

With more than 25 years of experience, you can expect sound advice for every conceivable application. From the most common connectors to the very specialized application, together we can always find a suitable solution. Do not hesitate to submit your questions to us.

Quick deliveries

Idétrading has many partnerships, that allows us to deliver quickly, and if possible allow the delivery of small packaging where usually the factory has a high MOQ. We’re also able to offer special military connectors with original factory C.O.C. (Cetificate Of Compliance).

Customer specific deliveries

Idétrading has extensive experience in making assortment cases and customer specific packaging of sets. The end product find their way to electrotechnical wholesales, among others. We think and cooperate in the delivery process, which is fully geared to the logistical wishes of the customer. This allows us to be a very efficient link in the supply chain where reliability, availability and pricing are important.

RF Coax Connectors TE Connectivity
RF Coax Connectors
NECTOR Power System Connectors TE Connectivity
NECTOR Power System Connectors
Rugged Fiber Optic Connectors TE Connectivity
Rugged Fiber Optic Connectors
High Speed Cable Connector Assemblage TE Connectivity -
High Speed Cable Connectors Assemblies

Market applications for industrial connectors

an overview:



Bouw en infrastructuur

Construction & infrastructure

Defensie & Militaire mobiliteit

Defence & Military Mobility

Elektro- & Installatietechniek

Electrical & Installation Technology

Energie & Utiliteit

Energy & Utility

Industriële machines

Industrial machines



Olie & Gas

Oil & Gas

Scheepvaart en voor de kust

Shipping and offshore



Truck, Bus & Offroad voertuigen

Truck, Bus & Offroad vehicles


Cabinet building

About Idétrading Electronics

Idétrading Electronics is an independent, advisory, service-oriented and stock-holding distributor for a wide range of top quality electrical technical products. Our product range, from TE Connectivity among others, is aimed at customer active in the installation sector, automotive, industry, process industry, petrochemical, aviation, defence, energy technology, MRO, offshore, (semi) government and wholesale.