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Cable clamps and cable blocks from KOZ Products are designed to meet the highest possible requirements. These products are engineered to withstand high short-circuit currents, making them extremely suitable for use in locations where short-circuit resistance is essential. KOZ Products cable clamps have been tested for short-circuit resistance and mechanical strength by KEMA High-Voltage Laboratories in the Netherlands and by Schneider Electric in Belgium under the supervision of SGS Belgium.

Product categories KOZ cable clamps:

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ST 18 26 KOZ Products cable clamps Idetrading.com

KOZ Single

The standard cable clamp for single cables.

stc KOZ Products cable clamps Idetrading.com

KOZ Trefoil

For 3 single- and multiple conductor low- medium and high voltage cables.

Universal KOZ Products cable clamps Idetrading.com

KOZ Universal

Used for multiple cables.

Special designed KOZ Products cable clamps Idetrading.com

KOZ Special cable clamps

Special designed cable clamps

FAQ about cable clamps

  • What are cable clamps and what are they used for?
    Cable clamps are fastening devices used to secure and hold cables in place. They are used in various applications, such as electrical wiring in buildings, automotive wiring systems, electronic devices, industrial installations, and more.
  • What different types of cable clamps are there, and what are their applications?
    There are different types of cable clamps, including plastic cable clamps, metal cable clamps, adhesive cable clamps, spring clamps, and cable ties. Plastic cable clamps are often used in electrical wiring, while metal cable clamps are more suitable for heavy industrial applications. Adhesive cable clamps can be attached to surfaces without drilling or screwing. Cable ties are used to hold and bundle cables together.
  • What are some important features to consider when selecting cable clamps?
    Important features to consider include the right size and capacity for the cable diameter, the attachment method (such as screws, clamps, or clips), the level of security and protection the cable clamp provides, the material (such as plastic, metal, or rubber), and the application environment (e.g., temperature, humidity, or corrosive conditions).
  • Are there special cable clamps suitable for securing cables in demanding environments, such as high temperatures or corrosive conditions?
    Yes, there are special cable clamps available that are suitable for demanding environments. For example, heat-resistant cable clamps that can withstand high temperatures, corrosion-resistant cable clamps suitable for use in corrosive environments, and cable clamps with special seals for waterproofing in wet conditions.

Advantages Koz products

The KOZ cable clamps and cable blocks are manufactured from black-colored, glass fiber-reinforced polyamide raw materials. This material is flame retardant, halogen-free, and made from non-recycled raw materials. It offers resistance to UV rays, saltwater, ozone, oils, fuels, and alkalis.

  • Resistant to oils, greases, frost, heat, UV, ozone, salt water, salts, acids and aggressive chemicals

  • Non-oxidizing, non-corrosive

  • Non-magnetic and non-conductive

  • Flame-retardant V-0 (UL94), halogen-free

  • EN 45545-2: 2020 – Railway applications

  • Permanent application from -80˚C to +120˚C. Short-term heating of up to +220˚C

  • No sharp edges

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Easy assembly and available worldwide

koz products cable clamps idetrading.com


  • Low-medium voltage

  • High voltage

  • Marine & Offshore

  • Windmill parks

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