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Our brands in marking products:

  • Raychem

  • Critchley

  • Idento

  • Panduit

  • TE Connectivity

Marking products TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity and Panduit offer a complete wiring identification (previously known as Critchley), cable markers, and cable labels for a wide scale of industries and pplications. Our portfolio of cable labels and identification are designed for the most rigorous application indoor or outdoor and offer a flexible options, consisting of wired and cable labels with self adhesive backing, shrink sleeve, cable markers and hardware- /softwaresystems for customuzation on location.

TE Connectivity is a pioneer on the field of heat shrinkable printable markers, and in combination with our printing system you will be insured of a reliable solution in the most demanding environments.

Panduit is ahead in the market in designing easy to use mobile printing systems that is economic in use with the the newest technologies.

Product categories in marking products

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Bedrukbare krimpkous TE Connectivity Raychem

Printable shrink sleeves

Available in a wide variety of configurations, colours and materials

Printbare labels TE Connectivity

Printable labels

Our label portfolio consist of several styles in standard labels, pipe identification and safety symbols

Printbare kabeltags TE Connectivity

Printable cable tags

Printable flat cable tags for use on larger cables and bundles for identification, both previous to- or after closing

Voorbedrukte kabelmerkers TE Connectivity Critchley

Pre-printed cable tags

Critchley Clip-on, snap-on and push-on wire markers for identification for cable bundles, cables and pipes

Thermische printerlinten TE Connectivity

Thermal printer ribbons

High performance, quick drying and high quality are some of the characteristics of our ribbons

Thermische printers TE Connectivity

Printers, software and accessories

High quality thermal printers for marking of shrinkable markers, marker tags and labels

FAQ marking products:

  • What are marking products and what are they used for?
    Marking products are special products used to apply labels, markings, symbols, or colours to various surfaces. They are used for various purposes, such as identification, organization, safety warnings, instructions, routing, and marking objects or areas.
  • What are the different types of marking products available?
    There are different types of marking products available, such as markers with permanent ink, chalk markers, paint markers, highlighters, labels, stickers, tape, and stencils.
  • Which materials can be marked with marking products?
    Marking products can be used to mark various materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, wood, textiles, and concrete.
  • What are the key features to consider when selecting marking products?
    When selecting marking products, it is important to consider factors such as the durability of the marking, colourfastness, adhesion to the surface, resistance to fading, water resistance, and suitability for the specific application.
  • What are some applications where marking products are commonly used?
    Marking products are commonly used in various applications, such as warehouses, factories, offices, schools, construction sites, events, logistics, electrical wiring, inventory management, and safety warnings.

Complete product range in marking products

World leader and innovators of a managed marking products lead the way for operators to easily print markings and prints on wire, identify and thereafter fasten cable markers. The adhesive strip that covers the marking helps flatten the marker and helps assisting in the most ideal cover for printing and a smooth transition under the printer head; this prevents unnecessary moving of the printerhead. The product range consist of high quality performance for applications such as commercial, military, low fire hazard, liquid resistant, high temperature and electric or electronical use. Laser technology can also be applied to mark products.

Printable tags

Innovators and world leaders in the field of cable marking tags that are used for larger cables, cable bundling or pipes. Due to varying demand of customers tere are two types of sizes available; (1) a continuous reel and (2) organised on a paper carrier. The flat continuous plate has an accurate cut form and allows for operators to easily lift the markers if needed. The organized variety is delivered on backing paper where a can be used to write on, and after printing can easily be removed. The various material choice will meet the demand of various industrial needs.

Standard labels

Adhesive labels are a cost efficient way to identify wires, cable bundles and electronics. The reach for standard sizes and materials have been developed over 40 years, and with pride manufacturerd to cover all well known industrial needs. In order to meet the demand of the customers, the computer is able to print in large batches, and hand-written labels in lower volumes are available in self-laminating printable vinyls labels for high volume user sand pocketbooks for use by low volume installers. The offered materials are often used in technical applications in aviation and aerospace, defence but also used by electricians and panel builders. Our experience teaches us that the available materials cover the needs of the wide varying market demands.

Pre-printed cable tags

Quick and easy in use. Our product range for pre-printed cable markers is part of an established leader in the field of wire markers. More than 60 years of experience in producing and developing pre-printed markers allowed an extensive product range such as clip-on, snap-on, push-on wire markers which are ideal for installers in smaller volume. The pre-printed cable tags are widely applied in order to identify wires, cable bundles and pipes. The markers are pre-printed and ready to use with individual letters, numbers and symbols.

Printing service

Idetrading Electronics is not only a supplier for labels and shrink sleeves, but we also print according to customer demands. Our printing service can produce series with various materials, from simple labels to laser markings for aviation. Contact us for more information.

Critchley kabelmerkers TE Connectivity

The properties of marking products

  • Identifying

  • Low fire hazard and liquid resistant

  • Resistant against high temperatures

  • UV-resistant

  • For commercial applications

  • For military applications

Our markets

The application for the marking products and the advantages that its offers can be widely applicable, an overview.



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Construction & infrastructure

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Defence & Military Mobility

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Electrical & Installation Technology

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Energy & Utility

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Industrial machines



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Oil & Gas

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Truck, Bus & Offroad vehicles


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