EPD kabel van TE Connectivity Raychem

EPD cable from TE Connectivity Raychem

EPD Cable from TE Connectivity Raychem, custom made multi-core cable uniquely designed for specific customer demand based on functionality and performance for space travel, military ground systems and marine applications.

Characteristics EPD cable:

  • Up to 40% smaller than similar products

  • Improved electrical, mechanical and or thermal performance

  • Option to include data, signal and power in the same cable

  • Improved resistance against chemicals and liquids

  • Cost reduction compared to hand built point-to-point harnessing

  • Cable design services provided free of charge

Expertise in materials for EPD cables

Full range of custom made cable solutions offer an tuned solution according to your demands. The EPD cable can be produced as a thick- and thin walled sheath.

Thick walled EPD cable solutions

  • Thermorad F, flexible, general-purpose cross-linked polyolefin
  • Thermorad S, rigid general-purpose cross-linked polyolefin with improved fluid resistance
  • Thermorad O, oil-resistant cross-linked chlorinated polyolefin
  • FDR-25, highly flexible cross-linked polyester blend
  • Thermorad LS, low-smoke, non-halogen cross-linked polyolefin
  • Zerohal, non-halogen cross-linked polyolefin, (M24640/M24643)
  • Raythane C/FR, flexible, abrasion-resistant polyurethane
  • Thermorad NTFR, oil-resistant, flexible chlorinated poly neoprene blend

Thin walled EPD cable solutions

  • Thermorad 700, high-temperature, nuclear-biologicalchemical resistant
  • Thermorad K, abrasion-resistant PVF2
  • Thermorad HT, solvent-resistant, high-temperature ETFE
  • Thermorad FL, flexible, solvent-resistant ETFE
Afscherming EPD kabel van TE Connectivity Raychem

EPD cable shielding, control the noise for better signal integrity

Shielding of cable is important in many applications. Shielding helps to minimize crosstalk within the cable, prevents intervention from external interference, or eliminate radiation from the cable itself. The design of cables to provide effective shielding over a broad frequency spectrum is complex, and cables must be tailored to specific electromagnetic environments. Choices range from simple aluminized polyester film that provides electrostatic shielding to progressively more complex shielding with plated copper braids and Mu metal wraps. Performance of conventional braiding can be significantly improved by computer optimization. This tightly controlled process can significantly increase shielding performance of a basic braided shield with minimal weight penalty or increase in optical coverage. Supershielded cables combine Mu metal wraps with optimized braids to provide even further enhanced performance, especially at low frequencies.

EPD cable shielding efficiency

To assess the effectiveness of a shield, TE has adopted the line injection method as described in IEC 1196-1 to measure the surface transfer impedance (Zt) of a cable shield. To determine the surface transfer impedance across a range of frequencies, a drive signal is generated by the internal tracking generator of a spectrum analyzer. The voltage is induced on the center conductor of the sample which is amplified and returned to the signal generator for measurement.

Applications from EPD cable

Military ground systems

  • Rtating turrent applications
  • Engine bay wiring
  • Bulk wiring for signal and power
  • Back-up camera video feed for large vehicles

Military marine

  • Auxiliary equipment, such as weapon systems and radar
  •  Below deck zero halogen cabling, including waterblocked cables that meet the following requirements:

Missile technology

  • Launch and control systems
  • Missile internal wiring where small size and flexibility are needed due to tight space restrictions

Fixed and Rotary Wing Commercial and Military Aerospace 

  • Open airframe wiring communication systems
  • In-flight entertainment systems
EPD kabel van TE Connectivity Raychem

EPD cable TE Connectivity Raychem

  • Armor in steel / alloy and tin

  • Controlled electrical cables

  • Full range of electrical shields

  • Primary wires, pairs, triples, shielded and unshielded

  • Optical fibres (fiber in steel tube)

  • Wraps and braids

Raychem EPD cable markets

The application for the EPD cable and the advantages that it offers can be paplied in many markets, an overview:

Defensie & Militaire mobiliteit

Defence & Military Mobility

Olie & Gas

Oil & Gas



Scheepvaart en voor de kust

Shipping and offshore

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