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Climate control

Idetrading Electronics offers a comprehensive range of solutions for climate control. Our product portfolio includes categories for ventilation, cooling, heating, and lighting.

LED lighting has dominated many industrial applications, and we specialize in solutions for cabinet and machinery lighting. We offer various series tailored to different requirements, including fixtures with motion sensors, door switches, a wide voltage range for control cabinets, or a high degree of protection for machinery lighting, all available from our extensive product range.

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Climate Control Venting Heating Lighting and dehumidification

Climate control

Cooling, heating, ventilation and dehumidification



LED lighting with magnetic, screw, or clip attachment

Frequently Asked Questions Climate control:

  • What is the basic principle of climate control and how does it work?
    Climate control involves managing the temperature, humidity, airflows, and air quality in a space. It operates by conditioning the air, typically through cooling and/or heating, regulating airflows, and filtering and purifying the air.
  • What are the main components of climate control technology and what is their function?
    Key components of climate control include a cooling unit, a heat source, a ventilation system, air ducts, filters, control equipment, and sensors. The cooling unit cools the air, the heat source warms the air as needed, the ventilation system provides fresh air supply, air ducts distribute the air, filters clean the air from dust and pollutants, control equipment regulates the system’s operation, and sensors measure parameters such as temperature, humidity, and air quality.
  • What different methods are used to control temperature and humidity in a space?
    To control temperature, methods such as cooling, heating, heat recovery, and airflow regulation are used. To control humidity, dehumidifiers or humidifiers can be used.
  • How is air treatment achieved in climate control, and what are its main objectives?
    Air treatment involves filtering, purifying, and conditioning the air. This is accomplished through the use of air filters to remove dust, allergens, and pollutants, air purifiers to enhance air quality, and controlling temperature and humidity to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.
  • How is energy efficiency and sustainability promoted in climate control?
    Energy efficiency and sustainability are promoted in climate control through the use of energy-efficient equipment, such as high-efficiency cooling units and heat pumps, and by optimizing the design and operation of the system. This includes factors like insulation, airtightness, airflow control, the use of energy recovery systems, and the implementation of advanced control techniques.

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Elmeko stands for electromechanical components related to enclosures. Our focus lies in air conditioning, lighting, and enclosure accessories. Our goal has always been to provide added value to our customers, offering products such as ATEX-approved cooling devices, controllers with extensive control and monitoring functions, lighting with a voltage range of 24 – 265V, or enclosure drainage with IP68 / IP69 protection class. We always stay at the forefront of innovation. Our top priorities are product quality, prompt and punctual delivery, and a reliable partnership. Together with competitive pricing, these elements form the foundation for our long-term customer relationships and our success.

Rübsamen + Herr

For over five decades, the name Rübsamen & Herr has been synonymous with reliability and ‘Made in Germany’ quality. What began in 1964 as a small company specializing in electrical control technology has grown over the decades into a strong, medium-sized family-owned business. High-quality and innovative products are developed, manufactured, and marketed for control cabinet air conditioning. The company’s services encompass both standard products readily available from stock and custom-tailored solutions. Customers come from a wide range of industries, including machinery and plant engineering, telecommunications, medical and laboratory technology, as well as transportation and energy technology, and the promising field of sustainable energy. Our quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Quality and absolute customer orientation are our top priorities.


Customer orientation is a top priority for STEGO. As a globally active company, our goal is to reach customers across all geographical and cultural boundaries. STEGO employees worldwide fulfill this promise with individual advice and dedicated service at every location. By closely monitoring the market and engaging in intensive dialogue with customers, STEGO is able to identify needs and trends, while building long-term partnerships that benefit everyone. If you would like to learn more about our company objectives,

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Market segments for climate control

The application for climate control products and the advantages that it offers are applicable in all conceivable markets, an overview:



Elektro- & Installatietechniek

Electrical & Installation Technology

Energie & Utiliteit

Energy & Utility

Industriële machines

Industrial machines

Olie & Gas

Oil & Gas

Scheepvaart en voor de kust

Shipping and offshore




Cabinet building

About Idétrading Electronics

Idétrading Electronics is an independent, advisory, service-oriented and stock-holding distributor for a wide range of top quality electrical technical products like Elmeko, Rübsamen + HerrStego. Our product range is aimed at customer active in the installation sector, automotive, industry, process industry, petrochemical, aviation, defence, energy technology, MRO, offshore, (semi) government and wholesale.

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