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Tapes and epoxy glues

Tapes and epoxy glues from TE Connectivity Raychem, glues and kits in a variety of materials for use in wide scale applications and environmental conditions. Raychem glues and tapes include thermosets, thermoplastics and mastic tapes for water resistance in marine and underground cable applications.

The advantages that tapes and glues offers varies from preventing dirt and grime entering the backshell to preventing corrosion for the most standard backshells to applications where chemical and heat resistant glue is necessary. The tapes and epoxy glues are easy to be applied, and are able to use for various materials such as polyethylene, PVC, polychloroprene and metals such as steel and aluminum

Product categories tapes and epoxy glues

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Thermische Epoxy Lijm TE Connectivity

Epoxy glues

Thermo epoxy’s, also known as thermosetting glues, are available in curable two part system or in a single tape form for harnessing applications.

Hot melt tapes TE Connectivity

Hotmelt tape Raychem

Sealed parts helps preventing dirt and liquids entering the backshell or connector

Isolatietape TE Connectivity

Insulating tape

Universal glue and cable breakout filler that is suitable for a wide scale of applications, materials and environmental conditions

Kabel reparatie tape TE Connectivity Raychem

Cable repair tape Raychem

Ideal for protection against moisture, corrosion, contaminants from cables and harnessing that are damaged during installing.

Siliconen fusion tape TE Connectivity

Silicone fusion tape

Forms a inseperable barrier that is able to withstand moisture penetration at temperatures up to 260°C

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