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Printable cable tags TE Connectivity Raychem

Printable cable tags from TE Connectivity Raychem, also knows as Tie-On Cable-tags are flat, non adhesive labels and cover typical installations such as mass transit, military applications and aviation. The tags are applied to identify large cables and bundles, and are used in extraordinary aggressive environments. The printable cable tags come on a folded, rolled paper carrier in order to make larger print sizes available.

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CM-SCE-TP printbare kabeltags TE Connectivity Raychem

CM-SCE-TP printable cable tags

Cable markers for military applications

HL serie printbare kabeltags TE Connectivity Raychem

HL series printable cable tags

Designed from radiation cross-linked flame retardant polymer

HLX serie printbare kabeltags TE Connectivity Raychem

HLX series printable cable tags

Self-extinguishing halogen free cable markers from Raychem

HLX-NEL serie printbare kabeltags TE Connectivity Raychem

HLX-NEL series printable cable tags

Low smoke, low toxicity and low flammability

HTCM-SCE-TP printbare kabeltags TE Connectivity Raychem

HTCM-SCE-TP printable cable tags

Raychem cable markers with a high temperature range (-55…+225°C)

Versatile assortment in cable tags

CM-SCE-TP series, printable Raychem cable tags

CM-SCE-TP able tags are manufacturerd with the help of specially designed cross-linked polymer. The military graded cable markers can withstand many liquids, lubricants and solvents thare are applied in various industries.

HTCM-SCE-TP series, Raychem cable tags for high temperatures

HTCM-SCE-TP cable markers are designed to offer flexibility when it comes to wire and cable identification, especially in agressive environments such as airplanes, military, satelites and semiconductor applications.

HL-series, military approved Raychem cable tags

HL-series flame retardant tie-on cable marker tags are manufacturerd with the help of specially designed radiation cross-linked flame retardant polymer. It is very flame resistant, and has an excellent resistance against burning, and is resistant to important industrial and military liquids (defined by RW-2513). HL Tie-on cable markers are available in various height and width combinations and non-standard colour options.

HLX series, halogen free, low smoke Raychem cable tags

HLX-cable markers are designed of halogen free, low smoke, low toxicity, radiation cross-linked, uv-stabilized polymer. Designed for perforated, organised cable markers on a paper carrier. Manufacturerd with the help of specially designed radiation cross-linked polymer. Formulated to carry the property of low fire hazard, so that it can be used on location where fire is a hazard for the safety of humans and properties.

HLX-NEL series, Raychem cable tags

HLX-NEL cable markers are designed from the same low fire hazard, UV-stabilized materials like the HLX, with the difference being the narrow edge leading (NEL) format.

Markeringsproducten van TE Connectivity Raychem

The properties from Raychem cable tags

  • Identification

  • Low fire hazard and liquid resistant

  • Resistant against high temperatures

  • UV-Resistant

  • For commercial applications

  • For military applications

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The application for the cable tags and the advantages that its offers can be widely applicable, an overview:



Bouw en infrastructuur

Construction & infrastructure

Defensie & Militaire mobiliteit

Defence & Military Mobility

Elektro- & Installatietechniek

Electrical & Installation Technology

Energie & Utiliteit

Energy & Utility

Industriële machines

Industrial machines



Olie & Gas

Oil & Gas

Scheepvaart en voor de kust

Shipping and offshore



Truck, Bus & Offroad voertuigen

Truck, Bus & Offroad vehicles


Cabinet building

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