Verwarmingskabel van nVent RAYCHEM

Heat tracing cable from nVent RAYCHEM

If you’re looking for heat tracing from nVent Raychem, then you’re at the right address! Our self regulating heat tracing cable have a protective layer and a fluorpolymer coating. The self regulating ice free cable self regulates the power delivery; more heat will be produced when the temperature drops. Conversley, the heat generation will reduce when the temperature rises.

  • Frost protection for pipes

  • Maintaining temperature grease pipe

  • Maintaining temperature warm water

  • Ramp heating

  • Roof and gutter heating

  • Railway and point heating

Applications for nVent RAYCHEM heat tracing

Product categories nVent RAYCHEM heat tracing cable

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Heat Tracing Industrie nVent RAYCHEM

Industrial heat tracing cable

Industrial (ATEX) heat tracing cable, output up to 300 W/m. temperature up to 70°C

Heat Tracing Bouw en Utiliteit nVent RAYCHEM

Heat tracing cables for building infrastructure and utility

Heat tracing cables and matts for frost protection, grease pipes and ramp heating

Componenten verwarmingskabels nVent RAYCHEM

Components for heat tracing cables

Connection kits, end seal kits, junction boxes, insulation transit kits, welding sleeves and T-junctions

Thermostaten en schakelkasten voor verwarmingskabels nVent RAYCHEM

Thermostats and en cabinets for heat tracing cables

Thermostats, temperature controllers, sensors and cabinets

Accessoires verwarmingskabel nVent RAYCHEM -

Accessories for heat tracing cables

Fixing solutions, warning labels, tooling and spare parts

IInstallation kits heat tracing nVent RAYCHEM

Heating systems

Ready to use sets heat tracing cable sets for frost protection for floors, ramp heating and gutters.

FAQ heat tracing:

  • What is heat tracing?
    A heating cable is a flexible cable designed to generate heat when an electric current passes through it. It is used for various applications, such as frost protection of pipes, snow and ice melting on driveways and walkways, floor heating, and maintaining a constant temperature in industrial processes.
  • How does a heat tracing work?
    A heating cable contains a resistance element, usually made of a conductive polymer, that conducts electric current. When current flows through the cable, the resistance element is heated, generating heat. This heat is transferred to the surrounding material, thereby heating it.
  • What factors influence the choice of the right heating cable for a specific application?
    Some factors that influence the choice of the right heating cable include the required heat output, the ambient temperature, the length of the cable, the presence of insulation material, the application (e.g., frost protection or floor heating), and safety regulations.

In search for heat tracing cable from nVent Raychem? It’s available with us!

When it comes to project advice and support, you’re at the right place with Idétrading Electronics. We offer support with complex heat tracing questions by translating drawings and specificatoins to a thorough project advice, and if needed we can offer installation for the materials (in conjunction with nVent Raychem Thermal Management).

In need of a material calculation for heat tracing?

Can we be of help with your search for (specific) heat tracing cable, or do you want to discuss a material calculation with us? Our team can support you with expert advice.

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Market applications nVent RAYCHEM heat tracing

Heat tracing cable from nVent RAYCHEM can be used in many markets

Bouw en infrastructuur

Construction & infrastructure

Defensie & Militaire mobiliteit

Defence & Military Mobility

Elektro- & Installatietechniek

Electrical & Installation Technology

Energie & Utiliteit

Energy & Utility

Industriële machines

Industrial machines

Olie & Gas

Oil & Gas

Scheepvaart en voor de kust

Shipping and offshore



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