Kabelbescherming in alle soorten

Our brands:

  • TE Connectivity Raychem

  • Bentley Harris – Federal Mogul

  • Schlemmer – Delfingen

Cable protection products in all sorts

Cable protection are designed to connect electronical products with one another, and offer a reliable and accurate communication and power management in a number of applications. When it comes to custom made design, or a standard product, the solutions from Idetrading Electornics help you satisfy your wire and cable requirements for electronics that are used in the most demanding environments and applications. Our materials science and EMI-protection help you find the right products with the balance in properties for fit, form, performance and reliability.

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Gevlochten beschermkous van TE Connectivity Raychem en Bentley Harris Federal Mogul

Braided sleeving

All types fom the brands TE Connectivity RAYCHEM and Bentley Harris – Federal Mogul

Cable cleats Idetrading.om

Cable Cleats

Cable cleats of the brands KOZ products and Panduit

Cable peler Idetrading.com

Cable Peelers

Alroc cable peeler to remove the outer sheath of fiber optic cables

Grommet Edging Idetrading.com

Grommet Edging

Protects wire and cable from abrasion from sharp edges

Ribbelslang van Schlemmer Delfingen

Corrugated tubing

All types of flexible corrugated tubing from Schlemmer – Delfingen

Tapes en epoxy lijmen TE Connectivity Raychem

Tapes and epoxy glues

Delivery program industrial glue and kits from TE Connectivity

PVC beschermkous

PVC protective sleeve

Available in all sizes and colours

Krimpmoffen en krimpbare vormstukken TE Connectivity RAYCHEM

Shrinkable end caps and moldings

An extensive delivery program from TE Connectivity RAYCHEM

Krimpkous van TE Connectivity RAYCHEM

Heat Shrink tubing

Click to view the complete shrink sleeve product group

Spiral wrapping band Idetrading.com

Spiral wrapping band

For bundling and protecting cables and possible to branch off at any time

Frequently Asked Questions cable protection:

How do you protect a cable?
To protect a cable, there are several measures you can take. The measure you need to take depends on what you want to protect the cable from.
How are cables protected against friction, wear, and impact?
to protect cables against friction, wear, and impact, you can use a corrugated tube or a braided protective sleeve. This hose/sleeve goes around the cable and is very sturdy.
How are cables protected against water?
To protect cables against water, you can use shrink tubing. You place these shrink tubes around a cable and then heat them, causing the shrink tube to shrink and tightly fit around the cable. This tight fit provides a lot of protection.
• How are cables protected against electricity?
To protect cables against electricity, you can use protective sleeves made of rubber, plastic, or fiberglass. These sleeves provide insulation and prevent the current from affecting the surroundings.
How are cables protected against heat?
To protect cables against heat, heat-resistant protective sleeves can be used. These sleeves are usually made of fiberglass, basalt fibers, or silica fibers. These materials are resistant to extreme temperatures.
• How long do cables last?
The lifespan of a cable can vary depending on various factors such as the type of cable, quality, environmental conditions, and usage. Generally, well-installed and maintained cables can last for many years. You can extend the lifespan of cables by using the appropriate cable protection.

Extensive product range in cable protection

Idétrading Electronis B.V. has a variety of braided sleeving on stock to help protect and organize cable, wire, hoses and wire harnessing applications. The braided sleeving products offer an wide protection against grime, wear, moisture, oil, fuel, chemicals and high temperatures, while being able to be applied to a cable or harness with ease.

Knowledge & Advice

With more than 25 years of experience, you can expect sound advice from us for every conceivable application. From the most common braided sleeving to highly specialized applications, we can always find a solution together. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Idétrading has a comprehensive product range for cable protection available from stock. We deliver cable protection for the a wide range of applications such as aerospace and military applications, among others. We supply different types of branches of cable protection products from stock, but are also able to supply quantities that deviate from factory MOQ’s and standard packaging.

Customer specific deliveries

Idétrading has extensive experience in cutting, printing, re-rinsing and blister packaging of cable protection products. The end products find their way to electrical wholesales, among others. We think with our customers and cooperate in the delivery process, which is fully tuned to the logistical wishes of the customer. This makes us a very efficient link and partner where reliability, availability and competitiveness prevails.

Gevlochten beschermkous voor mechanische bescherming

Applications for cable protection:

  • Harnessing of wiring

  • Repairing wire harnessing

Our markets

The application for cable protection products and the advantages that it offers are applicable in all conceivable markets, an overview:



Bouw en infrastructuur

Construction & infrastructure

Defensie & Militaire mobiliteit

Defence & Military Mobility

Elektro- & Installatietechniek

Electrical & Installation Technology

Energie & Utiliteit

Energy & Utility

Industriële machines

Industrial machines



Olie & Gas

Oil & Gas

Scheepvaart en voor de kust

Shipping and offshore



Truck, Bus & Offroad voertuigen

Truck, Bus & Offroad vehicles


Cabinet building

About Idétrading Electronics

Idétrading Electronics is an independent, advisory, service-oriented and stock-holding distributor for a wide range of top quality electrical technical products like TE Connectivity Raychem, Bentley Harris – Federal Mogul and Schlemmer – Delfingen. Our product range is aimed at customer active in the installation sector, automotive, industry, process industry, petrochemical, aviation, defence, energy technology, MRO, offshore, (semi) government and wholesale.