Thomas & Betts Ty-rap cable tie natural

Ty-Rap Naturel cable ties are a type of cable tie produced by the brand ABB Thomas & Betts. These cable ties are mainly used for bundling cables and pipes, but can also be used for other applications where a strong and reliable fastening is needed.

Ty-Rap Naturel bundling straps are made of nylon and have a high tensile strength, making them suitable for use in heavy-duty conditions. A unique feature of the Ty-Rap Naturel cable ties is their design. The cable ties are equipped with an advanced locking system that ensures the cables are firmly and securely fastened. The lock is also designed in such a way that it cannot come loose or come off, even under extreme conditions. Another advantage of the Ty-Rap Naturel cable ties is their color. The cable ties have a natural color, which means they are less noticeable than traditional black cable ties. This makes them ideal for applications where a neat and professional appearance is required.

Ty-Rap Naturel cable ties are available in different sizes to meet various applications. They are often used in the electronics industry, construction sector, and automotive industry. They are also widely used in the aerospace industry due to their high quality and reliability.

In summary, Ty-Rap Naturel cable ties from the Thomas & Betts brand are a reliable and durable solution for bundling and fastening cables and pipes. Their advanced stainless steel 316 locking system and high quality make them suitable for heavy-duty conditions, and their natural color makes them ideal for applications where a neat and professional appearance is required.

thomasbetts ty rap natural


  • -60…+85°C
  • With stainless steel 316 clip
  • Natural
  • Halogen-free
  • Silicone-free
  • UL94-V-2


  • Panel building
  • General use
  • Cable assembly
  • Electrical engineering
  • Telecommunications


  • UL/CSA
  • CE
  • Bureau Veritas
  • DNV-GL
  • Lloyd’s Register of shipping
  • Russian Maritime register of Shipping
  • Mil-spec (MS-3367)

Product overview Ty-Raps natural

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Polyamide 6.6 cable ties with stainless steel clip natural bulk packaging

Article numberBundle diameterLengthWidthTensile strengthPackaging
TY23M1.5 – 16mm92mm2.3mm80N1000
TYB2315M1.3 – 32mm178mm2.3mm80N1000
TY232M1.5 – 51mm203mm2.3mm80N1000
TY234M1.5 – 102mm356mm2.3mm80N1000
TY24M2 – 35mm140mm3.6mm180N1000
TY242M2 – 51mm208mm3.6mm180N1000
TY26M2 – 76mm284mm3.6mm135N1000
TY244M2 – 102mm368mm3.6mm135N1000
TY25M3 – 48mm186mm4.8mm220N1000
TY253M3 – 78mm290mm4.8mm220N1000
TY28M3 – 102mm361mm4.8mm220N1000
TY271M6 - 31mm150mm6.9mm540N500
TY272M6 – 51mm223mm6.9mm540N500
TY27M6 – 102mm340mm7.0mm540N500
TY275M6 – 127mm457mm7.0mm540N500
TY277M6 – 177mm617mm7.0mm540N500
TY29M6 – 229mm771mm6.9mm540N500

Polyamide 6.6 cable ties with stainless steel clip natural small pack

Article numberBundle diameterLengthWidthTensile strengthPackaging
TY523MR1.5 - 16mm92mm2.3mm80N100
TY52315M1.3 - 32mm178mm2.3mm80N100
TY5232MR1.5 - 51mm203mm2.3mm80N100
TY5234M1.5 - 102mm356mm2.3mm80N100
TY524M2 - 35mm140mm3.6mm180N100
TY5242MR2 - 51mm208mm3.6mm180N100
TY526M2 - 76mm284mm3.6mm135N100
TY5244MR2 - 102mm368mm3.6mm135N100
TY525M3 - 48mm186mm4.8mm220N100
TY5253MR3 - 78mm290mm4.8mm220N100
TY528MR3 - 102mm361mm4.8mm220N100
TY5271MR6 - 31mm150mm6.9mm540N50
TY5272MR6 - 51mm223mm6.9mm540N50
TY527M6 - 102mm340mm7.0mm540N50
TY5275M6 - 127mm457mm7.0mm540N50
TY5277M6 - 177mm617mm7.0mm540N50
TY529M6 - 229mm771mm6.9mm540N50
TY53510Mtot 254mm889mm8.2mm540N50
TY54513Mtot 330mm1143mm8.2mm540N50

Polyamide 6.6 cable ties with stainless steel clip natural workbench boxes

Article numberBundle diameterLengthWidth Tensile strengthPackaging
TYB23M2 - 16mm92mm2,4mm80N1000
TYB232M2 - 50mm203mm2.4mm80N1000
TYB24M2 - 29mm140mm3.6mm180N1000
TYB25M3.5 - 45mm186mm4.8mm220n1000

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