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AS-Interface: Safety aspects play an important role in more and more automation systems and designs, especially where the safety of personnel is endangered by hazardous movements. Safety requirements are documented, for example, in the EU Machinery Directive (Directive 2006/42/EC) or in the occupational safety regulations of various countries.

AS-Interface’s Safety at Work concept makes it possible to integrate safety components, i.e. safety sensors and actuators, as well as safety monitors, into virtually any common automation system. The advantage of ASi Safety at Work over conventional safety solutions is the ability to send safe and unsafe signals over the same cable. This eliminates the previously required redundant infrastructure and the costs associated with complex and error-prone parallel wiring.

The ASi safety components can be used just like any other standard node at any location in the ASi network in conjunction with standard ASi components without any limitation or restriction. The ASi master treats the safety components just like any other normal ASi node. Safety sensors, safety actuators and the safety monitor work together in a special communication environment.


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AS-Interface Master Gateways

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AS-Interface (ASi)

AS-Interface (ASi) is the latest innovation of AS-Interface (ASi), a globally standardised fieldbus system for the first automation level. ASi connects actuators and  sensors with a controller via a single two-conductor profile cable. The yellow ASi cable transmits power and data at the same time.

The proven main benefits of ASi are, among others, free choice of topology and cost-efficient integration of safety on the same infrastructure, dramatically less wiring. In addition, compared to other fieldbus systems, ASi needs no connectors for data and power integration.

Do you want to implement or redesign functional safety easily? Without complicated parallel wiring? And without expensive Ethernet-based solutions in the field? Discover a cost-effective and fieldbus-independent alternative with the simplest connection technology: We offer safety solutions for every system size – from individually programmable safety relays to huge systems with up to 1922 safe signals. Our broad safety portfolio also includes proven solutions for various special applications, such as muting, selection of safe operating mode or speed monitoring.

Our safety solutions only require a profiled two-core cable. Thanks to the push-through technology, the installation is watertight: modules can simply be plugged onto the profiled cable protected against polarity reversal – exactly where they are needed. Not only can the modules be powered via the two-wire line, but all safe and standard signals are also transmitted via the cable. This eliminates the need for expensive duplicate infrastructure. Our ASIMON360 PC software enables convenient parameterization of safety technology.

ASI interface


  • Factory and industrial automation

  • Conveyor belt applications

  • Building automation and mechanical engineering

  • Control of fire dampers and smoke exhaust dampers

  • Automation of packaging

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