AMP Superseal krimptang -

AMP Superseal tooling

Our commercial tooling offer the versatlity of univesal servicetools, together with reliability and ease of use from high-quality tools. For versatility’s purpose, all 75 die sets are interchangable, including the open-barrel contacts and terminals. In addition to the versatility, most die sets have multiple cavities to crimp multiple contact of terminal sizes.

Characteristics AMP Superseal crimp tooling

  • Ease of use for appliations in tight spaces
  • Handle pressure adjustment with lock
  • Die sets able to purchase seperately
Elektrotechnische componenten voor de automotive industrie -
TE Connectivity AMP Superseal PRO-CRIMPER III


In order to crimp contact pins, TE Connectivity designed special tooling for the AMP Superseal series. This tool is specifically designed to install, repair, maintenance work or prototyping industrial applications.

The tool itself (354940-1) does not come with die set (58583-2) as this has to be purchased seperately, or complete as set (58583-1).

Article number Function
354940-1 Crimp tool without die set
58583-1 Crimp tool with die set 0.35 – 1.50mm2
58583-2 Die set 0.35 – 1.50mm2
TE Connectivity AMP Superseal Extraction Tool

Extraction tool

In order to extract contact pins from the housing, TE Connectivity designed the 9-1579007-1 extraction tool. By using the tool, it makes it easy to remove installed contact pins without damaging the cable, contact pins or housing.

Article number Function
9-1579007-1 Removal of contact pins
TE Connectivity AMP Superseal Applicator 2151855

Applicator 2151855

With the knowledge and experience of over a half century designing and manufacturing applicators and tooling, TE Connectivity (TE) has taken terminal
crimping to a new level. Using the proven OCEAN applicator platform as a base, TE has developed the latest wave in applicator technology…the OCEAN 2.0 Applicator. TE has listened to customer input and market demands to innovate and improve the popular OCEAN applicator to be more robust, faster to install/adjust and even more accurate. The lead and harness industry of today is more price and quality competitive than ever before. Crimping standards continue to be raised to higher levels of quality and repeatability. The industry continues to expect more from application tooling.

Standard Features on all OCEAN 2.0 Applicators

One of the major design goals of the OCEAN 2.0 applicator series was increased flexibility. By giving the applicator the ability to flex between different terminator configurations it allows customers to quickly adapt their applicators to whatever configuration is needed. All parts to reconfigure the applicator are included and attachable to the unit for safe storage and quick access. As standard equipment the latest applicator will have all the accessories needed to switch between 30 and 40 mm stroke terminators, pre-feed and post-feed cam configurations and cut and no-cut carrier options. Thewire stop / wire stripper can also be easily adjusted for the desired application, and a mechanical counter is included for tracking cycle counts. The applicator comes with all parts needed to configure it to any terminating method that is acceptable to the application.

Applicator style Description Article number
Atlantic style Mechanical Feed 2151855-1
Air Feed 2151855-2
Atlantic Air Feed with sensor & no valve assembly 3-2151855-2
Atlantic Mechanical feed for Bench Strip-seal terminators 5-2151855-1
Atlantic Air feed for Bench Strip-seal terminators 5-2151855-2
Atlantic Mechanical feed (-1) with spare part kit (7–7) 7-2151855-1 & 7-2151855-7
Atlantic Air feed (-2) with spare part kit (7–7) 7-2151855-2 & 7-2151855-7
Spare Parts Kit 7-2151855-7
Pacific style Mechanical feed 2-2151855-1
Air Feed 2-2151855-2
Spare Parts Kit 7-2151855-2

TE Connectivity AMP Superseal tooling

The AMP Superseal connectors from TE Connectivity has a reputation of very high quality and a certified A-brand product for many years. We are a distributor and stock-holding supplier.

Knowledge and advice about TE Connectivity AMP Superseal contact pins and sockets

With more than 25 years experience, you can expect sound advice for all conceivable applications. From the most common connectors to very specialized applications, we can find a solution together. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions.

Customer specific delivers for AMP SuperSeal

Idétrading has extensive experience in blister packaging connectors. The end product find their way to electrotechnical wholesales, among others. We think and cooperate in the delivery process, which is fully geared to the logistical wishes of the customer. This allows us to be a very efficient link in the supply chain where reliability, availability and pricing are important.

TE Connectivity

Application AMP Superseal:

  • Electrotechnical connections under the bonnet

  • Engine control units

  • Speed controller

  • Food processing

  • Outdoor equipment

Market applications

The application of the AMP Superseal and  the advantages that it offers, can be used in all kind of markets, an overview:



Elektro- & Installatietechniek

Electrical & Installation Technology

Scheepvaart en voor de kust

Shipping and offshore

Truck, Bus & Offroad voertuigen

Truck, Bus & Offroad vehicles

About Idétrading Electronics

Idétrading Electronics is an independent, advisory, service-oriented and stock-holding distributor for a wide range of top quality electrical technical products. Our product range from TE Connectivity, among others is aimed at customer active in the installation sector, automotive, industry, process industry, petrochemical, aviation, defence, energy technology, MRO, offshore, (semi) government and wholesale.